Art House Special Exhibitions are our way of offering up our walls to the community, creating space for collaboration and connection.

Individuals or groups are invited to apply to curate and present their work in our Drawing Room for a month-long exhibition.


Special Exhibitions at Art House are our way of building creative connections, directly linking artists with the community and providing them a platform to show their work. Special Exhibition programming is just about to restart after a long pause, we're thrilled to be spotlighting local artists once again! Visit our Submit page if you'd like to find out more about submitting your own body of work.

Isabelle Miltioux - October 2017


Art House Special Exhibitions are our way of offering up our walls to the community, creating space for collaboration and connection. Artists and curators have the opportunity to use the walls of our Drawing Room space for a month-long exhibition with a rental fee of $250 (plus HST).
Art House is happy to celebrate your Special Exhibition by facilitating a vernissage, complete with two bottles of wine on us. Also included in the rental fee is promotion of your exhibition via our highly-engaged social media channels and posters in high-traffic areas of our space. Of course, the number of Special Exhibitions we can host in a year is limited, so we encourage you to consider your proposal carefully  to submit your very best work.

See our Submit page for full details on how to apply for a Special Exhibition at Art House.


Curtis Perry
Art House
Taymaz Valley & Naive Fanatic
October 2024
Gwen Compain


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  • 2017 August-September - InFocus Project
  • 2017 September - Touch of Soul by Rafeya Bushenain
  • 2017 October - The Four Elements by Joanne Coughlin
  • 2017 October-November - Isabelle Miltioux
  • 2017 November - because Canada by Kathryn Bossy, Krysta Kentfield, Chantal Richard, and Heather Sagmeister
  • 2017 November-December - Matthew McIlkenny
  • 2017 December - Nathalie Grice & Co.
  • 2017 December-2018 January - Shirley MacKenzie
  • 2018 January - Mysteriously Raw by Nicole Small
  • 2018 February - 1 Year Anniversary Exhibition
  • 2018 April - Tiara Brouse
  • 2018 April-May - Sharon Campbell
  • 2018 May - Ellen Astle
  • 2018 June - Life Drawing Group Showcase presented by Coralie Gill
  • 2018 June-July - Imagined Places by Maya Hum
  • 2018 August - Exploring Intimacy by Kara Stonehouse
  • 2018 September - New Work by Don Kwan
  • 2018 October - Creatures of Whimsy by Rebecca Clouâtre
  • 2018 November - Our Ottawa by Artawa (Group Exhibition)
  • 2018 December - Little x Little by Tracy Armstrong, Kathryn Bossy, Joanne Coughlin, Krysta Kentfield, Kate Ryckman, Bev Thibault, and Catherine Timm
  • 2019 January - Art is Hard but so is Everything by Emily Adams
  • 2019 February - Faces of Art House Group Exhibition
  • 2019 March - 고이 고이 (Goi-Goi) by Clara Kim
  • 2019 April - Anne Theriault
  • 2019 May - Fulfilment by Maria Di Rosa
  • 2019 June - Still Lifes by Marc Dubois (co-presented with Bill Staubi)
  • 2019 July - 'The Majestic Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree by Shawna Holmlund
  • 2019 August - Shirley MacKenzie
  • 2019 September - The Real and The Unreal by Krysta Brennan
  • 2019 October - INcarcinoma by Vanessa Rotondo (with photographer Hasiu
  • 2019 November - Found by Christiane Aitken
  • 2019 December - Ottawa Icons presented by Adrian Gor
  • 2020 January - Perspectives by Heather Black
  • 2020 February - The Heart and Other Body Parts by Shawn Philip Hunsdale
  • 2020 March - Ottawa Winter and Other Oils by Soren Jensen
  • 2022 October - This is Unsettling… by Westin Church
  • 2022 November - If These Walls Could Talk by Sierra Rimek
  • 2022 December - Little x Little by Tracy Armstrong, Heather Assaf, Donna Barr, Kathryn Bossy, Sharon Collins, Joanne Coughlin, Juanita Sauvé & Bev Thibault
  • 2023 January - intimate portraits of men as they present themselves privately to other men in whom they have an interest by Shawn
  • 2023 February - Art House Anniversary Staff Exhibition
  • 2023 March - You Are Never Too Far from the Sea by Jason Shawn Hickman
  • 2023 April - There is something else going on by MH Nad
  • 2023 May - Connections by Jennifer Staszewski
  • 2023 June - Emergence by Artawa (Group Exhibition)
  • 2023 July - Where the Water meets the Earth, Where the Earth meets the Sky by Wanrapa Suraso
  • 2023 August - Art House Pride: A Queer, Trans, and 2SLGBTQIA+ Celebration by Stephanie Wobensmith & friends
  • 2023 September - Papercut by ricov
  • 2023 October - In the Shadows by Sydney Hall, Ruth Less, Tyler Nykilchyk & Émilie Klemm
  • 2023 November - Woman Life Freedom by Taymaz Valley & Friends
  • 2023 December - Little x Little by Tracy Armstrong, Heather Assaf, Linda Bordage, Kathryn Bossy, Lynn Dubinsky, Judi Miller, Kelly Stewart-Bélisle, Bev Thibault and Catherine Timm

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