Art House accepts new art for its Main Gallery, Gift Shop and Special Exhibitions on an ongoing basis, taking into consideration the space available, accordance with other pieces, and content, colours or themes, when applicable.


The Art House Gallery and Gift Shop only accept digital submissions through the email. Artwork may not be dropped off for consideration without prior consent.

See Guidelines below for Main Gallery, Gift Shop and Special Exhibition submissions.

Please note that Art House receives a large number of submissions and there is a waiting list to be featured in our Main Gallery. The Gallery and Gift Shop team appreciates your patience as we try to address all submissions in turn. Artists will be contacted regarding the availability of pieces of interest when opportunities to be featured arise.

Main Gallery and Gift Shop Submission Guidelines

The Main Gallery comprises all walls on the main floor of Art House, excluding the Drawing Room, which is reserved for Special Exhibitions (see guidelines for Special Exhibitions Submissions below). Our Gift Shop features on shop shelves and racks art-related items such as prints, apparel, accessories, and stationary like greeting cards and note books.

* To be featured in our Main Gallery or Gift Shop, photos of all available artwork or links to portfolio or social media pages can be sent to at any time. *

* Artists will be contacted regarding the availability of pieces of interest when opportunities to be featured arise. *

We are interested in any medium, style, and size of artwork! The Gallery Team reviews submissions on a periodic basis and may select works based on composition and content, space available, accordance with other pieces, or themes, such as the seasons.

We recommend sending in as many works through images or links as are available as it's much easier to include an Artist when there are many works to choose from. There is no limit to the number of submissions one Artist can make over time but we ask that all submissions be contained in one email per instance and request image files to be sent as attachments and under 2 MB each. Only accepted pieces can be dropped off at Art House; artwork cannot be dropped off for consideration without consent.

Special Exhibition Submission Guidelines

Art House Special Exhibitions are our way of offering up our walls to the community, creating space for collaboration and connection. Individuals or groups are invited to apply to curate and present their choice of works on the walls of our Drawing Room for a month-long exhibition with a rental fee of $250 (plus HST). The work displayed can be made available for purchase and Art House retains a 30% commission, which sees artists retaining 70% of their sales. Art House is happy to celebrate your Special Exhibition by facilitating a vernissage, complete with two bottles of wine on us. Also included in the rental fee is promotion of your exhibition via our highly-engaged social media channels and posters in high-traffic areas of our space. Of course, the number of Special Exhibitions we can host in a year is limited, so we encourage you to consider your proposal carefully  to submit your very best work.

Ready to submit? Here’s how to do it:

Send your proposal via e-mail to with the words ‘Special Exhibition’ in the subject line. The Art House Gallery Team will not be able to consider submissions in person or sent in via Instagram or Facebook DM.

Make sure to include:

- Photos of the works that will be included in the exhibition and/or photos of works in progress, sketches and a description of concept if the works are not complete.

- Your proposal for the exhibition’s theme. This can include a description of the collection, the meaning or intention behind the work, what inspired it, or your overall desired outcome or goal for the exhibition.

- A bit about yourself or your group! An artist or group bio will go a long way in helping us to know a bit more about you as well as promote your exhibition should it be selected.

We look forward to seeing your work in our inbox at!

Information About Displaying and Selling Work with Us

  • The Art House Gallery and Gift Shop operate on a consignment basis and sales are subject to a commission of 30%, Payments and reports are issued on a monthly basis.
  • Accepted pieces or items are to be dropped off at Art House anytime during regular business hours and signed in at the cafe counter.  Artists may not bring in additional pieces or make substitutions without prior discussion and agreement with the Gallery Team.
  • Artists may include a business card at the back of their artwork if wedged or affixed securely.
  • Packaging in which pieces are delivered will not be returned to the Artist. We ask Artists to verify that their artwork or frame does not get damaged in transit. Separating pieces using cardboard, paper or fabric are simple solutions that minimize accidental damage Art House has the right to refuse any accepted piece(s) or item(s) upon delivery for reasons including, but not limited to, damage suffered by the item.
  • Any piece or item intended for display on a wall MUST be dropped off at Art House in a ready-to-hang state (framed, proper attachments or mounting at the back such as eyelets and wire must be included for unframed pieces). Failure to bring the piece in a ready-to-hang state may result in the dismissal of the accepted piece, or the artist may have the option to pay a hanging fee.
  • Items such as prints or greeting cards must be sleeved and include the name of the artist at the back (a business card may be used).
  • Accepted pieces and items will remain at Art House until a sale occurs, the Artist requests a return (must be at least 48 hours in advance in writing), or the Art House Gallery Team decides to make a change to the work on display.
  • Artists will be contacted at their registered email address if they have artwork ready for pickup and we ask that the artwork be signed out and picked up from Art House by the Artist (or their established representatives) during regular business hours and no more than 14 days after being contacted by Art House.

Any exceptions to the above guidelines must be established in advance via written agreement. Please contact submissions@thearthousecafe.cafor further inquiries.


Still got questions? Feel free to reach out!

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